2013 VA Mortgage Loan Limits in California


VA mortgage loan limits for California counties have been adjusted for 2013.  Below are the up to date VA loan limits selected counties in California:

  • Alameda County: $987,500
  • Los Angeles County: $668,750
  • Orange County:$668,750
  • Santa Cruz County:$668,750
  • Monterrey County: $425,000
  • Napa County: $521,250
  • San Benito:$823,750
  • San Diego County: $500,000
  • San Luis Obispo County: $481,250
  • Santa Barbara County: $593,740
  • Santa Clara County: $823,750
  • Sonoma County: $448,750
  • Ventura County: $546,250
  • Contra Costa County: $987,500
  • Marin County: $987,500
  • San Francisco County: $987,500
  • San Mateo County: $987,500

All of the rest of the counties in California have a $417,000 VA loan limit.  That includes counties such as Sacramento, Fresno, Riverside, San Bernardino, Shasta, and more.   VA borrowers can get 100% financing up to the VA loan limit of their country.   VA borrowers can go over the VA loan limit for their

county if they can put a small down payment down.

I hope this educates you on the VA loan limits for your county in California.  Feel free to call at 858-922-7899 or email at homeloan8@gmail.com if you have any questions about getting approved for a VA home loan in California.



Rob Chomentowski

Sr. Loan Officer (and VA specialist)

Affinity Financial