VA Loan Credit Score Requirements San Diego

A common question out there among veterans and active military members seeking to buy a new home or refinance their home, is what are the “VA loan credit score requirements”.   The good news is that VA home loans are fairly lenient when it comes to minimum credit standards.  One big key is that to qualify for a VA loan most lenders do not want to see a late payment on a major account such as a mortgage in the last 12 months.  Below I will bullet point some other requirements of VA home loans:

  • You can generally qualify for a VA loan as long as you have a 600 credit score.  There are options
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VA Income Requirements In San Diego

This article will explain how VA underwriters determine VA borrower’s income to qualify for a VA home loan in California.  There are many different ways veterans applying for VA home loans earn income through their employment.  They can be paid hourly, salary, 1099 and be self-employed.  Below I will explain how each type of income is analyzed by the VA underwriter.

  • Salary: Salaried borrowers are the simplest form of income to calculate.  VA loan underwriters will go off the income from the borrowers latest paycheck stub.  This will have to be supported though two years of tax returns and W-2’s. 
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