How To Get Started With a VA Loan in San Diego

This article is about the basics you need to get started in applying for a VA home loan.  First of all, VA home loans are a tremendous benefit for active military, veterans and reservists.  VA home loans are 100% financing home loans with no monthly mortgage insurance and very low 30 year fixed interest rates.  So if you are active military, veteran, or reservists and you are looking at buying a home, this loan should be the first loan you look at.  Now for the steps needed to get started with a VA loan in San Diego.

  • First you want to contact a loan officer that is very familiar with VA home loans to go over your income and credit to see if you have the basics to qualify, and what home price you can quality for.
  • Below is a list of documentation you will need to provide the loan officer for the process of qualifying you for a VA home loan:
    • Certificate of VA eligibility (ask your loan officer for this form to fill out and return the form to your loan officer and they will pull your eligibility for you)
    • DD214
    • Last 30 days paycheck stub
    • Most recent two years w-2
    • Most recent two years federal tax returns all pages
    • Last two months bank statements to show cash reserves in the bank
    • Photo copy of driver’s license and social security card

Those are the basic items you will need to get started with a VA loan in San Diego.  Once you speak with a loan officer, complete the loan application and provide all the documentation above, the loan officer can provide you with a pre-approval letter and you are good to go to look for a new home!  If you have any questions at all about VA home loans or any other types of home loans in California don’t hesitate to call 858-922-7899 or email .


Rob Chomentowski

Sr. Loan Officer (and VA specialist)

Affinity Financial