What would disqualify you from a va home loan?

Dishonorable discharge veteran status requires that service members be discharged or released from the military under conditions that are not dishonorable. A veteran with dishonorable leave will not be eligible to participate in the VA Loan Guarantee program. Whether you apply for home financing with traditional mortgages or VA loans, your income is very important. You must be able to show the lender that you can pay your loan payments every month.

If your VA loan application was denied, it could be because your income levels are too low. The best thing to do is to ask your lender for clarification. They will be able to tell you if your income was too low. If so, look for ways to increase your income if possible.

This will increase your chances of qualifying in the future. When lenders refuse a loan, they reluctantly do so. VA lenders make money by approving loans, not denying them, so they can do what they can to get you approved. When they can't, they'll send what's called an adverse action notice.