How difficult are va loans?

VA loans have changed a lot in recent years and are now generally no more difficult or expensive for sellers than any other loan. The short answer is “no. It's true that VA loans were once more difficult to close, but that's ancient history. Nowadays, you're likely to have more or less the same problems with a buyer who has this type of mortgage as you do with any other.

And flexible VA guidelines may be the only reason a buyer can buy their home. VA loans may take a little longer to close. However, the difference is no more than a couple of days to a week. Once you move into the house, you will own a 100% funded property.

When the VA funding fee is added to the loan amount, you will actually be in a negative equity position right from the start. For eligible veterans, VA loans are relatively easy to qualify due to their relaxed credit rating requirements, no down payment, and no maximum loan limit.