Why would a house not accept a va loan?

VA loan inspectors look for certain problems with a home, such as wood rot or lack of floors, that need to be addressed before the sale can continue. Some sellers refuse VA loans because of that inspection, assuming this will complicate the sale. If a home doesn't have enough economic life remaining, its purchase could be pointed out as a risky investment. Old houses sometimes don't meet other requirements either.

Stacked stone foundations, inadequate heating and cooling systems, lead paint, and inadequate insulation are just a few things to pay attention to if you are looking for an older home on the market. The stigma of VA lending is especially difficult to overcome now, in today's extremely competitive housing market. Once your VA loan is approved, you can take proactive steps to ensure homeowners are more likely to accept your offer. Veterans who qualify for VA home loan benefits struggle to receive offers to buy a home.

However, getting a home loan from the VA doesn't guarantee that the current homeowner will accept an offer.