Why do sellers dislike va loans?

What is the reason they are not considered? Because they use VA funding. Accepting an offer from a buyer who uses a VA loan when selling their home can be as difficult as a buyer using a conventional mortgage. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the VA loan, but you, as a seller, need not worry about a thing. Despite their incredible growth and success in recent years, VA loans still have a bad reputation among some real estate agents and home sellers.

However, if you plan to use a Colorado Springs VA home loan to buy your dream home, you need to know how it will affect the seller. Persistent myths and misconceptions about these loans and their performance in the market push some sellers to completely reject VA offers. Too often, the seller chooses an offer with conventional financing, even though they can get more money from a sale to a veteran using a VA loan. The VA borrower may request that the seller pay up to 4% of the loan cost in seller concessions, but the seller is not required to cover that amount.